Official Launch of New Corporate Brandmark

October 1st 2011 marks a very important day in the history of Prosper Marine Pte Ltd and its group of companies. This is the day where Prosper Marine introduces its new logo to all its business partners and associates in the marine and shipping community.

Prosper Marine has been active in the shipping and marine industry for more than a decade. Since 2000, Prosper Marine has continued to develop the company and its commitment to providing a safe and efficient service to our valued clients.

As part of the new direction that the company is taking, Prosper Marine is bidding farewell to its traditional logo. The new logo was conceptualized and designed by Prosper Marine’s consultant through a partial grant by Spring Singapore. The new logo is a significant step for Prosper Marine for  it is focused on building its reputation through ongoing commitment to providing safe and efficient services under the one theme “Assets in Motion” for all its clients, local as well as international.

The new logo is a symbol that embodies quality, trust and a whole host of emotions that customers develop through the course of their relationship with Proper Marine. The colours of the new logo reflect Prosper Marine’s personality of being refreshing as well as a service which is environmentally friendly to the shipping and marine industry.

It is Prosper Marine’s pleasure to introduce to you our new logo. The new logo is appended below: