Training Centre


Prosper Training Centre is a subsidiary of Prosper Marine Group of companies. We are a major service provider for the shipbuilding and offshore industry in Singapore as we qualify the welders in accordance with the classification society standard which is required to work in the shipyards. Other than shipbuilding and offshore industries, we also provide welding training and test for the construction and chemical industries in Singapore.

Our clients in shipyard industries are

  • Keppel Groups
  • Dyna-Mac Engineering
  • Candid Marine Groups
  • Sin Hong Thai Groups
  • Guan Soon Heng Marine & Groups
  • Jet point & Groups
  • Wah Soon Marine & Groups
  • Wee Seng Marine & Groups
  • Mizu

Our clients in construction & chemical industries are

  • Express Engineering
  • Seawolf Air-conditioning
  • Unitech Engineering


  • View of the training centre
  • Total of 70 bays readily for training of welders.
  • Safety briefing on workshop safety on 1st day of workers arrival to the training centre.
  • Then, theory class to be conducted based upon the type of test.




Types of welding courses

  • Basic welding low-levy test certified by Bureau Veritas
  • 1. SMAW-3G (10mm) Plate

  • Up-grading welding tests certified by American Bureau of Shipping (ABS)
  • 1. SMAW-3G (10mm) Plate
    2. SMAW-3G (25mm) Plate
    3. SMAW-4G (25mm) Plate
    4. SMAW-6G (8”) Pipe
    5. SMAW-6GR
    6. FCAW-3G (25mm) Plate
    7. GTAW-6G (2”) Pipe
    8. GTAW/SMAW-6G (8”) Carbon steel
    9. GTAW/SMAW-6G (8”) Stainless steel
    10. Conducting PQR / WPS

  • WPS/PQR conducted by ABS and Bureau Veritas.


    • Squad position on test
    • A duration of this test is 3hrs on a 25mm plate and duration of the course is 5-7days.
    • A position of the welding is uphill (90°) process.





    • Squad position on overhead welding.
    • The duration of the test is 3 hrs on a 25mm plate & will be completed in 5-7 days.
    • This is the uphill welding process.




    FCAW-3G (MIG)

    • A duration of the test are 1hrs on a 25mm plate and it will be completed within 5-7days.
    • It is also an uphill welding process.





    • For pipe welders
    • A duration of the test is 1 to 2 hrs and course are 7 days.
    • The process of welding is 45°.





    • 6G welders are the eligible for this test.
    • A duration of the test is 1.5 hrs and will be completed within 5-10 days.
    • The position of the welding is 45°.





Conducting PQR for WPS

  • Procedure Qualification Record will be conducted in the Training Centre witnessed by the Classification Society.
  • Test piece will be sent for X-Ray and Mechanical Testing to the Classification standard and Requirements.
  • Welding Procedure Specification will be written in accordance to the PQR and endorsed by the Classification Society.