Tug & Barge Services

Prosper Tug & Barge Pte Ltd

Prosper Tug & Barge Pte Ltd owns and operates a fleet of Tugs and Barges for Marine transportation and Logistics support. We also provide tugs for towage services as well as to assist vessels in their berthing and unberthing Operations. Our barges are also available for both Sludge collection and disposal as well as the transportation of equipment and goods.

In addition, we also own and operate Passenger Launches to ferry passengers to Vessels In-Port as well as Off-Port Limits at anytime of the day.

Our fleet is manned and maintained by our team of experienced crews and shore staff who are well equipped to handle all forms of Marine transportation requirements.

This fleet of tugs, barges and launches are available for both long term and short term hire.

Our efficient and reliable services are not only due to our innate understanding of our customers’ requirements but also from our core emphasis on HSEQ. This ensures mutual success and prosperity to both customer and PTB whilst we keep our customer’s assets in motion.